Why 5 Dates Medjool Date?

3 Health Benefits of Medjool

Decrease Cholesterol, Medjool dates are a wise choice when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. When you eat them, you increase your insoluble and soluble fiber intake, which in turn can significantly lower cholesterol naturally — particularly LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

Medjool Date nutritional fibers can help maintain proper digestive system functioning to prevent constipation and cancerous processes within the colon. The antioxidants within Medjool Dates (polyphenols) can also help create an antioxidant environment within the intestine and prevent cancerous processes.

Boost Bone Health with significant amounts of key minerals found in Medjool dates, when it comes to strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating bone diseases like osteoporosis, 5 Dates Medjool are high in calcium and a food high in phosphorus, which work closely together to build strong bones and teeth.


"5 Dates" is grown in the Dead Sea area in Jordan; Adjacent to The Baptism site by the Jordan River. This area is unique for its highest oxygen concentration than any other point on Earth, combined with its perfect soil and weather conditions makes for the best environment to produce the best fruits.

This Date farm came to life because of the vision of our late father Munir Abu Judom. He wanted to grow a product as unique as the area it is grown in. "5 Dates" Medjool dates are unike any other commercial dates; they are grown specifically for those with distinvtive taste; these are the perfect dates to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst providing you with all the required energy, vitamins and minerals to maintain your health.

Our name is symbollic with the odd number of dates that we usually eat in our culture. Medjool dates are sometimes called "Majhool" which means "The Unknown" in Arabic.

5 Dates unique taste

5 Dates Medjool date grows in a unique geographical area, providing a perfect climate like high temperatures, high sun exposure and relatively low humidity. Thanks to the rare climate, our dates is considered a very high quality date, rendering it one of the most demanded dates.

We supply users with fresh dates that are proudly produced in Jordan. As growers, packers, and exporters, we insure that our clients are provided with the highest quality dates with an unmatched taste.

Natural and fully organic farming techniques

High sun exposure

Low Humidity